Now That Andrew Cuomo’s Been Re-Elected, Will He Tackle Criminal Justice Reform In New York (Pacific Standard, ‘18)

Pacific Standard spoke with Alyssa Smaldino, an organizer with Survived and Punished, about the governor's record reluctance to commute the sentences of jailed domestic abuse survivors.

New City Bills Could Require Sexual Harassment Bystander Training (Edible Brooklyn, ‘18)

New York City Council Member Rafael Espinal wants to help give nightlife staff the right tools to identify and respond to sexual harassment or assault.

How Louisiana Is Taking Guns Out Of Abusers’ Hands (Pacific Standard, ‘18)

Abused women are five times more likely to be killed if the perpetrator owns a firearm.

Angela Garbes’ Book Will Change How We Talk About Childbirth (Pacific Standard, ‘18)

The author of Like A Mother chats with Pacific Standard about childbirth, baby books, and the narratives excluded from the pregnancy conversation.

The Economic Implications of Domestic Abuse (Pacific Standard, '18)

In a new report, 73 percent of respondents said they stayed with an abusive partner because of economic reasons.

'Goodbye, Sweet Girl' Explores The Complex Realities of Domestic Abuse (Pacific Standard, '18)

Kelly Sundberg's new book never glosses over the more affectionate moments with her abuser. In the process, she paints a far more insidious picture of their relationship: one that shows how an abuser can slowly creep into his victim's life.

A Family Lawyer On The Challenges Facing Domestic Violence Survivors Seeking A Divorce (Pacific Standard, '18)

Pacific Standard spoke with Kara Bellew, a partner at a matrimonial and family law firm, about the best route for survivors to seek a divorce, and how abusers are able to manipulate the legal system.

Single Mothers Are Having Their Moment In American Politics (Pacific Standard, '18)

A growing number of single women are running for public office. In order to beat their opponents, they may need to shatter some unfair stigmas first.

For Abuse Survivors, Custody Remains A Means By Which Their Abusers Can Retain Control (Pacific Standard, '18)

Despite growing evidence that abusers often use custody battles to retain control over their former spouses, Congress is still punting on basic protections for survivors.

Victims of Spousal Abuse Are Losing Their Children To Social Services (Pacific Standard, '18)

Across the country, there are hundreds of instances where children are removed from the custody of a parent who has suffered from domestic abuse at the hands of a partner.

Notoriously Hard on Moms, the News Business isn't Getting Much Better (Columbia Journalism Review, '18)

When it comes to the job satisfaction of female employees, the media ranks lower than the banking, public relations, and technology industries. 

How Abusers Trap Victims By Draining Their Finances (Talk Poverty, '18)

“Believe all women when they tell you they aren’t safe. You cannot co-parent with an abuser.”

The Department of Education is Pulling the Rug Out From Under Student Parents(Pacific Standard Magazine, '17)

The Trump administration has quietly removed CCAMPIS, a childcare subsidy for student parents attending college, from its 2018 budget. Over one million student parents' ability to afford childcare hangs in the balance.

How Parents Learn to Raise Gender-Nonconforming Kids (Vice, '17)

Through community-building support groups and online courses, parents with trans and gender-atypical children can support their children every step of the way.

Anti-Trans Discrimination Is Rampant at NYC Substance Abuse Centers (Vice, '17)

According to the New York City Commission on Human Rights, four drug and alcohol treatment centers there have been charged with widespread discrimination against trans people.

Lawmakers Want to Legalize Discrimination Against LGBTQ Foster Youth (Vice, '17)

The proposed federal legislation follows several states that have made it legal for adoption agencies to refuse to serve queer children and families.

A Christian Family Comes to Terms with a Trans Son's Wedding (Pacific Standard Magazine, '17)

LGBTQ acceptance is slowly growing in Baptist communities. But when Ro Sibaja wanted to marry his girlfriend, he learned that the path to acceptance isn’t always linear.

Single Moms Shouldn’t Have to Choose Between Child Care and Getting an Education(New York Magazine, '16)

Single moms aren’t welfare queens. Many are busting their butts to succeed despite the infrastructure and lack of support working against them.

She Killed Her Abuser Before He Could Kill Her—Then Served 17 Years. Now She's Taking on the System (Narratively, '16)

A proposed New York State law could offer justice to women who fight back against abusive partners. Kim Dadou is doing everything she can to make it a reality.

One More Media Organization Just Admitted: Unpaid Internships Have to Go (The Nation, '16)

An organizing drive at New York Public Radio’s WNYC yielded an unlikely victory for interns—a paycheck.

What Was She Wearing? (The Nation, '16)

Katherine Cambareri’s photographs remind us: When its survivors are condemned, rape is condoned.

Betrayed by Their Bodies: For Trans Teens, Puberty Can Be a Trauma (Al Jazeera America, '15)

Puberty can be difficult for adolescents, but for female-to-male teens changes to the body can be especially stressful