(No Longer) A Single Mom (Shondaland, '18)

There is a bittersweetness to losing my single mom identity, but I've found something beautiful in its place — for me and my daughter.

Can You Be Pro-Choice and Grieve Your Abortion? (Pacific Standard Magazine, '18)

Kassi Underwood's memoir, May Cause Love, probes the difficulties many feminists feel in expressing grief around abortions in a way that doesn't set the pro-choice movement back.

How to Literally Do Everything When You’re a Single Working Mom (Jezebel, '17)

Everything from work and dating to diaper blowouts and screaming into pillows for therapy.

How My Illiterate Mother Inspired Me to Become a Writer (Refinery 29, '16)

My mother grew up in rural Singapore, and as a girl from a poor family, was denied education from a very young age. I explore her struggle through illiteracy as an adult, how that affected me as a child, and how now, as a single mother, I value education for my 4-year-old daughter.