Sakhi for South Asian Women Launches Food Justice Program for Survivors of Gender-Based Violence (Edible Manhattan ‘19)

Sakhi for South Asian Women, a New York City–based organization serving survivors of gender-based violence since 1989, believes that food justice cannot be ignored in the movement to end sexual and domestic violence.

Giving Vietnamese Coffee Its Due in America (Saveur ‘19)

A new wave of Vietnamese-American entrepreneurs have made it their mission to redefine Vietnamese-grown beans as a serious contender in the specialty coffee industry.

How Auria Abraham Became New York City’s ‘Sambal Lady’(Food & Wine ‘19)

The chef and entrepreneur is determined to educate Americans on the nuances of Malaysian cuisine. 

Pulled Tea Is the Party-Trick Drink You Can Totally Make at Home (Healthyish, ‘18)

This drink is wonderfully frothy and comforting—and it puts on a show.

From Chapati to Cheese Dip: Food as a Source of Identity for a Singaporean Immigrant in Texas (Here Magazine, ‘18)

I grew up between Singapore and Texas—two places with strong but distinct culinary identities—with parents who loved to cook. I explore the true role of food in making sense of my identity.

Sambal, A Pungent Reminder of Home and Hardship (New York Times, '18)

There are more than 300 varieties of the spicy chile paste, born in Southeast Asian villages and passed down through generations.

Serving Traditional Malaysian Food, a Lower East Side Coffee House Reopens (Edible Manhattan, '18)

It’s rare for New York restaurants to escape the fate that gentrification can bring, but Kopitiam has done just that.

The Curry Puffs That Unite Generations (TASTE, '18)

Curry puffs, or epok epok, are fried savory pastries eaten throughout Malaysia and Singapore. They can also be a livelihood, a family tradition, and a gateway to friendship.

The Importance of Drag Brunch in NYC (Food and Wine, '18)

The decades-old tradition helps expose crowds to the notion that gender is something that everyone expresses differently, says drag historian Joe E. Jeffreys.

Top 10 Foodie Things to Try in New York City (BBC Good Food, '18)

New York City is a culinary wonderland that showcases flavours from all over the world. From fiery cocktails at The Honeywell to Black Tap’s decadent milkshakes and Chomp Chomp’s authentic hawker-style nasi lemak, the city never disappoints the taste buds.

Harlem’s Clay Is a Family-Friendly Spot Where You Can Feel Like an Adult (Edible Manhattan, '18)

Not every restaurant caters to kids well while still feeling mature, but here’s one that nails it.

Phoenix's Restaurant Community Is Finding Its Voice Through Protest(Vice Munchies, '18)

"An immigrant's hands touches your food from the minute the seed is in the ground, to the harvest, to the movement, to the production, and to even cleaning your freaking plate."

The Woman Behind Belmere Catering’s Haitian Cuisine Cooks to Heal (Edible Manhattan, '17)

Rose Michel fled an abusive relationship and found joy in food. Now she brings her pumpkin soup, griot and black mushroom rice to the masses.

The Honeywell Has Built Its Community in Harlem With More Than Just Cocktails (Edible Manhattan, '17)

“This place isn’t exclusive. From the beginning, we always said that we wanted to be the neighborhood cocktail bar.”

How Uptown Artists Are Using Café Bustelo to Combat Gentrification (Edible Manhattan, '17)

The significance of this iconic coffee to the Latinx community.

Bodegas Are the Cornerstones of New York City Community (Edible Manhattan, '17)

“There are a lot of lonely New Yorkers and sometimes they just come to their local bodega to have conversations or get things off their chest.”

Why Historians Have Renewed Interest in the Story of Chef J. Ranji Smile (Edible Brooklyn, '17)

He enriched U.S. culture while facing immigration challenges, making his a story that still resonates today.

The Edge in Harlem Is a Risk That's Paying Off (Eater, '17)

Longtime Harlem residents, the Masters sisters look back on opening a cafe that’s become a community hub.